Stainless Steel Triune


  • High Stength Concrete with Premium Thickness
  • Polished Stainless Steel Carapace on Cover
  • Additional Strengthening Liner (Stainless Steel)
  • Interior Protective Liner (Plastic)
  • Emblem & Nameplate Personalization
  • Legacy or Life’s Reflection Personalization Option
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The Stainless Steel Triune is a superior burial vault, bonded plastic & metal liners create double reinforcement.  This vault features a polished stainless steel carapace & interior.


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Life’s Reflections – Vinyl on Carapace
Legacy Image
Color Choices

We strongly recommend you choose a dark base color and a light highlight color.

Emblem Choices

Emblem material (bronze, copper or stainless steel will match the carapace on the vault purchased)


Additional information


Stainless Steel, Cameo Rose, Veteran